Common Products That Can Cause Cancer

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Every 3 out of 5 persons are suffering from one or another disease say diabetes, cancer etc. Cancer rates are skyrocketing as there is no particular age in which this disease occurs. Cancer can strike anybody at any age. There are different types of cancers and many of them can be cured and avoided.

Mainly, it is said that cancer is curable only if it is diagnosed in its early stage. There are people who only go for natural cancer treatments and therapies as alternate medical practitioners have brought tremendous change in alternate medicines and therapies to treat cancer. Dr. Adem is one of the best cancer specialists who support alternate cancer treatments. You can consult Dr. Adem to know alternative treatments for cancer.

We can avoid the chances of cancer if the exposure to industrial carcinogens will be reduced. You will not have to work in nuclear plant to develop cancer like diseases as there are number of products at our homes which contain carcinogens.

Art supplies: Some type of glue (cement glue), solvents, paint and permanent markers can contain carcinogens.

Air fresheners: They also are strong irritants (skin, eyes, throat & lungs).

Carpet shampoos: Many companies use solvents which are rich in toxic chemicals to dissolve the dirt trapped in carpets.

Candles: You can avoid artificially scented paraffin candles.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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