Chicken coops for the protection of hens from predators and bad weather

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A chicken coop is otherwise called as a hen house, where female hens are kept inside with nest boxes for laying eggs and perches for sleeping. A chicken coop has both indoor and outdoor areas. The indoor areas are used for laying eggs in nest and sleeping. The outdoor areas are used for hens to wander around and for feeding. The coops are set up with litter or dropping boards to collect the waste discharged materials or chicken feces. The chicken coops are to be well maintained by cleaning it for every two weeks and litter tray has to clean daily. The indoor and outdoor chicken coop floors are strewn with straws or wooden chip materials in order for easier clean up of chicken droppings. Most of the coops have good ventilation for the process of removing bad smells.

 In order to protect from other animals or predators every day evening, the hens are locked inside the chicken coops. The purpose of hen houses is to protect hens from bad whether like cold, hot, rain and wind. By putting isolation materials in between the layers of bricks or woods, you can protect chickens. Because chickens avoid heats and windows should be provided with good ventilation in order to prevent from overheating and cause of bronchitis.  When you decided to build a new house for hens at your garden the first step is to make free chicken coop plans. First decide the best location for the chicken coops to be placed and Find out the length and breadth of the chicken coop that you want to build.

Easy steps to build a simple chicken coop at your home

Depending upon the number of chicken you like to raise put the dimensional plan for the coop and keep in mind allot space for each chicken which must be 4 square feet. Planning to build chicken coops involves the responsibility of providing shelter, comfort and safe to chickens. Following are the important points to consider when you plan for building coops. Choose good hardware materials to build a coop in order to prevent it from strangers or predators. You can choose chicken wire mesh materials to cover the entire outer part of the house along with locks. Using barrel bolt latches locks will safeguard from visitors. Always build coops two feet above from the ground because during wet weather conditions it may keep your chicken legs dry and also hens may move freely in the cage.

Chickens like to sleep on perches and plan for a super perch area with space in the coop. find out a good location inside the coop to build nesting boxes and it should be 3 to 4 inches deep to keep the eggs inside safely. Build a large nesting area for all the chickens to lay eggs. Proper ventilation is necessary to prevent from outside heats and bad smells. With the Provided materials and tools build a chicken coop in a systematic manner by step by step procedure. First build bottom area and gradually rise up with installing of doors, windows and roofs at last. For more information’s you can visit This site for planning ideas.

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