Linen Table Cloths are in a Class of their Own

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There are very few options of table cloths that can match the functionality and appeal of linen table cloths. For one, linen is fairly stronger than other alternatives. It is twice or thrice more durable than cotton and other soft fabrics. If you compare table cloths made of polyester and plastic, the ones made of linen can endure the heat of hot pots without showing obvious signs of wear and tear. True, table linens are prone to wrinkling, but this condition is actually what makes them elegant and classy.

In shopping for linen table cloths, you will surely find yourself choosing among a countless number of varieties. You will take into consideration the colors and shades, the patterns, the thickness and thread count, the prices, and the brands. You have the freedom to choose anything that you want, but make sure that the table linens will really complement the beauty of your dining and room, be friendly in terms of washing and maintenance, and last for several years of use.

In choosing a brand, consider those that visibly present the nature and quality of the fabric and provide clear instructions on fabric caring. Note that linens vary in form and design. There are linens that require cold water washing, linens that recommend ironing, and so on. If the label comprehensively states how to take care of the fabric, it somehow means that the brand is pretty much concerned about your satisfaction and can be trusted.

There are four basic shapes of linen table cloths including round, oblong, square, and rectangle. Needless to say, you need to know the dimensions of your dining table in order to get the right one. And while it is common sense to match round tables with round linens, and square tables with square linens, you always have the choice to experiment and come up with an edgy, non-conventional linen table setting.

Linen table cloths are traditionally given 5 to 10 inches of drop. You can of course break this rule by making the drop longer or shorter. You can be more playful if you are designing an intimate dining table for daily use. For more formal occasions, stick to the recommended classy drop.  Nonetheless, just make sure that the fabric is not too short because it is never appealing to use a table linen that fails to cover the entire surface. When in doubt, always choose long over short.

As mentioned, linen table cloths have care instructions sewn into their hems or are accompanied by an instruction card in the package. If the household changes the table linens every now and then, it is advisable to take note of the care instructions in an album or a notebook of some sort stored within the laundry area. Hence, when you are not sure how to wash or dry the table linens, you will have the answer at hand.

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