What is a Flossing Toothbrush?

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A flossing toothbrush differs from regular toothbrushes in that they have special bristles designed to floss teeth. Its bristles are designed to be longer and slimmer than a traditional toothbrush’s so that they can extend between teeth and under gums. Though flossing toothbrushes have a reputation for helping people floss teeth, it should still not be a substitute for regular floss.

Flossing toothbrushes were made to help users clean those hard to reach areas where bacteria and plaque reside. Debris such as these are often found under the gum line, in a sulcus, which can be hard to clean even for an experienced flosser. The bristles can reach these areas and assist users with little to no discomfort on the user. Invisible bacteria film that are stuck on teeth can also be removed, preventing some dental diseases.

This special toothbrush, in terms of appearance, is nearly identical to other toothbrushes. However, the bristles differ in very important ways. For example, due to their length and how thin they are, they can reach further and into areas that a standard toothbrush simply cannot. Furthermore, their ends are usually rounded and polished so they will not harm users’ gums which brushing. Some bristles can be double-tiered for a more effective clean.

If all of this sounds unpleasant to you, there is an alternative. Water flossers are a way for you to floss your teeth, and it actually can be a substitute for flossing. Using powerful jets of water, water flossers can dislodge food material, remove invisible bacteria film, and even get rid of plaque from your teeth. For more information on the best water flossers for you, visit flosseroo.com.

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