Buying The Best Freezer For Home

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If you are in the market for a new freezer, you'll want to consider the type, energy efficiency, frost-free versus defrosting, features like freezer shelves, size and access of the appliance. Understanding your storage needs, space and budget can help you find the right freezer for your household.


Freezers run most efficiently when they're full, so you want to avoid purchasing more freezer space than you'll use. As you'd expect, the smaller the freezer, the greener the freezer: Less capacity means less energy consumption. Buying a freezer online is a good option. You can check out the best upright freezer reviews from websites like and make a wise choice.

Energy Efficiency and Placement

Although many kitchen appliances meet today's energy efficiency standards, not all freezers qualify for the Energy Star rating. Those freezers that have earned the Energy Star use at least 10% less energy than required by federal standards. You'll conserve energy, save money and lower your carbon footprint by choosing one of these freezers.

Manual Defrost Versus Self Defrost

Manual defrost freezers are typically less expensive than self-defrosting freezers, but you'll need to commit to defrosting the unit regularly in order to keep it running efficiently. If you're considering a chest freezer, manual defrost models are the only chest freezers that have earned the Energy Star rating. Look for manual defrost freezers with drains that make the defrosting process neater and easier.

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