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When seeing for a penthouse for sale, it is very essential to have a complete checklist of things to look for and consider prior to making a choice as to which unit to buy. Below is an example of a penthouse exploration checklist that can support you with your search. If you are looking to buy penthouse for sale then you can also visit http://www.vernproperty.com.sg/property-type/penthouse/ to get it in the best price.


Opinions and Exposure- The point of purchasing a penthouse unit is to confirm that you have the flawless view in the morning as well as at night. One of the first things to appear for in a penthouse is its opinions and where it is facing (north, south, etc). In the situation of Manhattan apartments, people constantly look for units that face Central Park (especially corner units), since it is by far the finest view in the city, bar none. It is finest to take note that remarkable views do request a certain premium. In fact, in some apartment structures in Manhattan the difference in price between an apartment facing Central Park and that which fixes not is well into a couple of millions. This should tell you just how much money people are willing to spend in order to confirm that they get the best view obtainable.

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