Fitness Guidelines For Better Results

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The world of fitness is filled with many strategies that claim to deliver results but only end up to be major disappointments. Therefore, you should check out these fitness guidelines in your pursuit for a fit body to avoid these disappointments.

For people who subscribe the notion of using supplements to boost their weight lifting performance, chances are, you are already taking protein supplements as part of your body building efforts. So what other supplements would be good? According to fitness experts, you should try out creatine since it is possibly the most effective strength and size-building supplement to add to your pre-workout drink. You can add in peppermint to boost your overall performance.

The bowflex max trainer is possibly the best cardio fitness machine that you may use to get an intense and effective cardio routine done in just 14 minutes at the comfort of your home and without stepping into the gym on busy work days. This will save you a lot of time commuting to and from the gym.

Want to do more reps for these exercises: deadlifts, chin ups, inverted rows or bent-over barbell rows? Try changing your grip pattern to accomplish this feat. Instead of holding on to the bar with both palms facing the same direction, you should change one of them to face in the opposite direction. 

You should be able to attain better fitness results if you put these fitness guidelines into practice. Therefore, you should share them with your friends who want to improve their fitness results too.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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