Whale shark and Canyoneering in One Day

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There are a lot of beautiful and scenic places in Cebu especially that the province is surrounded by several natural land forms and white sandy beaches. It is no wonder as well that there are a lot of non-local and foreign tourist visiting the place as they want to experience the fun filled adventure that the province has to showcase. Over the time, the south part of Cebu had been welcoming a lot of travelers and or tourists globally and that is because of the whale shark and canyoneering activities which the place takes pride of it.

Cebu’s south side has the best areas for more exciting and thrilling activities in relation to the place – relative amenities are provided as well. They (tourists) get to enjoy more than an hour long trek, they get to jump on cliffs during canyoneering and end it up with one of the Cebu’s best falls. Whale shark watching on the same note fascinates tourists because of how these gentle giants just swim alongside with humans. They get to enjoy swimming with them, take video and photos and recreational scuba divers get to enjoy the same activity as well. Locals of the place however are keeping an eye on the area to make sure that it is safe to do such activity and provide a place worth staying.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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