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Italy has beckoned tourists from across the world for centuries, tempting them in with beautiful rolling hills, stately Roman landmarks, the sacred Vatican City, plus some of the world's best food and finest fashion. Whether it's food, music, relaxation, shopping, culture, history, art or your traditions you're interested in, Italia delivers the best in the world with a lush and vibrant style all its own.You can enjoy Florence city tour by private car by availing inexpensive tour packages.

An appointment to Italy offers a glimpse into one of the greatest and many influential empires the world has ever known. Italy's wealthy cultural history dates back thousands of years and traces the roots to the flourishing Roman Empire (27 BC to 1453 AD), which helped create the moral and cultural foundation for what is now the modern Western world. Italy hosts the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Internet sites (43) up to now.

For a land so abundant with culture, the hardest part of traveling to Italy is limiting your set of views to see because there are so many historical landmarks to choose from, all surrounded by the beauty and charm of an artfully crafted setting.

No trip to Italy would be complete without a visit to Rome, the capital, and most significant city. Rome, founded in the 8th hundred years BC, offers a tourist's dream, filled with larger-than-life relics from the great Roman Empire scattered throughout a lively, bustling city. The Colosseum still appears in the center of Rome, a breathtaking testament to Rome's enduring culture.

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