Some Information About Assisted Living Facilities

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There are many different types of assisted living facilities, each with their own advantages, disadvantages, costs, and benefits. Here are a few questions you might consider asking when considering one or more assisted living housing facilities:

What is the basic monthly cost?

What is the cost of any additional individual services you will need?

What kind of deposit is required to reserve your spot?

These kinds of questions are really the "nuts and bolts" of an assisted living facility, but there are many other observations and questions you should consider related to the atmosphere, comfort, and general experience of living in the facility.You can visit to know more about senior housing eugene oregon.

Some examples include are:

Is the facility clean and in good repair?

Do residents have the option to eat in their own unit or eat in the community dining area?

Are pets allowed or not?

The major point here is to get a sense of what the facility is like as a place to live. The move to the new assisted living is a big life transition so before you make that move it's important to learn as much as you can about potential and great facilities so you can select the assisted living set up that fits best with your own wants and needs.

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