Do Stem Cells Cure Arachnoiditis?

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Researchers say that stem cells are “incredible seek hunters” that can locate and fix damaged tissue, while reducing inflammation and enhancing circulation, when injected into the blood stream.

“The key is to understand that the body designs these stem cells to do this repair process,” Malan said. “What we’re trying to do with these processes will be to accentuate the process that is standard that the body uses.”

Malan accentuates the procedure further with a high-dose infusion of as many as 100 million stem cells.

Bomar received a high-dose infusion of her own stem cells through an IV in her arm. Within a week, she found the blood circulation in her left leg appeared to be enhancing.

“ she said, ‘You know, I think your foot and My mother came and visited me after I 'd the process seems a little pinker.’ And I ‘Gosh mother said and looked down, you’re appropriate.’”

Several days later, Bomar discovered reduced swelling in her feet and may put that she wasn’t capable to wear before. Months after, she was able to exercise on an elliptical machine and an underwater treadmill. There was also less pain.

The pain began to fall. It was not fast, it wasn’t all at the same time. But over months, which I think was wonderful progress, that pain did subside,” she remembers. “Arachnoiditis is a pain which you deal with constantly. And it was really something not to have that always. I remember at first simply thinking, wait a minute. I don’t have any pain. That was rather incredible.”

Bomar’s condition has improved so much that she was able to vacation with her family in California last summer, and go hiking and bike riding.

But Malan is confident the scar tissue is gone or the stem cells have created enough healthy nerve tissue to bypass the issue.

“The studies happen to be well documented, especially ” he says, for scar tissue dysfunction.

Malan has now treated about two dozen patients but is careful not to express that treatment or a remedy was discovered. He says if his stem cell therapies are successful and safe, more studies are needed to confirm.

“we've not had a patient who hasn’t had a clinical response,” he told Pain News Network.

“I consider a doctor. I think it may be a breakthrough,” says Forest Tennant, MD, a California pain doctor who's one of the world’s leading experts on arachnoiditis.

Tennant plans to begin using stem cell treatments himself, in addition to other experimental therapies for example growth hormones.

I do have two patients who've tried it and it didn't work. But their instances were so far along. They were already bed- bound and paralyzed, and also you can’t expect a treatment like that to help he said. “The disorder has to be in its fairly early stages for it to work, would be my guess. We don’t understand enough. Investigation surely sparks into that treatment, although it’s the old story of one instance does not create a treatment. You can get more details on stem cell therapy at health message boards

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