Valentines Day: The Perfect Home Date

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The ‘at home’ date, the perfect romantic date that shows the person you love just how far you’d go to impress them. Valentines Day is wonderful because it allows couples to take one day of the year to really show just much they mean to one another. The at home date is perfect because it has everything that a reasonable romantic would want; it has the aesthetic, the display of effort, the low price tag, and the comfortability of staying at home. So what exactly does it take for someone to pull off the perfect at home date? No one knows your special other better than you, so the little details really need to come from the heart. The main idea is an elaborate entrance, meeting them at the door or laying roses or other attractive Valentines decorations and party supplies all the way to the next step, dinner.

A home cooked meal is sure to impress, but those without the culinary touch can go ahead and order out from a fancy restaurant. Next is the relaxation, a warm bubble bath or a deep massage never fails to finish the date strong. Once the date has ended, no one can say no to a good night’s rest, so pop on some soothing music, or leave the room silent, and let the both of you enjoy a full rest by each other’s side.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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