Most Powerful Stun Guns

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As recently as five years ago, a stun gun that had 100,000 volts was considered to be very powerful. Today you can still find stun guns with 100,000 volts and they are still effective.There are already different stunning devices that you can purchase in the market. You can choose among the many types and designs of these handy devices.

There are stun guns concealed as a cellular phone, pens and batons. It is now up to you on what you will select and which is comfortable for your own use. You can  also navigate to  to buy stun guns online.

You can also find stun guns that have voltages reaching a millions. Amazingly, even the smallest design of stunning gun already has a voltage of up to 1,200,000. The voltages of these devices depend upon its size however, new stunning devices are further developed and as mentioned, even the smallest design of stun guns can already electrify an attacker easily without making too much effort and wasting time.

The electricity that's dumped into the muscular system causes the muscles to over work very rapidly. This rapid work cycle depletes the blood sugars that are needed for energy. The assailant is basically out of commission for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes allowing you time to get away and seek help or just get away. The effects are not long lasting and no permanent damage is done.

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