Tips to Improve Offshore Project Management

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There are many difficulties that accompany offshore project management. Some challenges many have confronted have been to understand what variables influence offshore success, as to convey it to management in a clear and concise manner.

Throughout the starting point of any project, the aim is to interpret the business ideas and objectives into a project proposal or contract to delineate all the specifications required for the project.

Additionally, at this phase, a series of project control techniques are developed to advance the likelihood of producing a premium quality end product inside of your budget and to define tools, methodologies, and scheduling deadlines. You can also visit to know more about the offshore projects.

You should formally close the project by finalising all project records, conducting final knowledge transfer and coaching, discovering the product service structure, and by running debriefing efforts.

1. Technical capacity – meaning competencies, skills, and knowledge. In my position, I'm mostly affected by the disparity in expertise. In other situations, you could perhaps be impacted as well by engineering abilities, meaning having the offshore team not being as good as your local engineering contingent. 

The disparity in technical capacity can be increased as a percentage of efficiency of your local team.

2. Location – regardless of what you do, you will get some classified costs tied into the distance: interaction is more challenging when engineers can't just roam to the next cubicle to discuss an issue or second a resolution.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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