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Locks can keep honest people honest but even a good lock will not stop someone intent of stealing. If you depend on locks alone you will need great insurance. We had a model home. It was the first home built in the subdivision so there were no homes nearby that were occupied.

In the first few weeks we had the front door broken down, the lights on the outside of the house were stolen right off the wall and bushes were pulled out of the ground and this was in an upscale neighborhood. 

We were able to install a webcam on a telephone pole across the street and post a sign warning about video surveillance. It either worked or the thieves got everything they wanted because the house was not broken into again. You may also check online to know more about the inventory.

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Not all assets can be protected with locks. On our projects, lumber was particularly easy to remove. It had numerous uses and was not job specific. It fit in every pickup truck on the job or that passed by.

Even new homeowners that moved into the neighborhood could find uses for the product. We were losing hundreds of dollars of lumber on every house.

It would have been impossible to lock up construction sites and installing a webcam for every new home would have been cost prohibited. To reduce the thefts we began ordering pre-assembled wall panels and roof trusses that were designed specifically for the job.

We scheduled them to arrive the day they were installed so they were immediately built into the house and harder to steel. It works so well for the lumber that we began ordering all our material just-in-time which means we scheduled it to arrive the day it was to be installed so that it went from the truck to being part of the house the same day.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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