Finding A Competent Estate Planning Attorney

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Finding an estate attorney can be a daunting task. You need to be careful while you look for one because your precious assets are involved here; be it your cars, apartments, bank accounts, estates, businesses, etc.

He should be competent enough to put things clear so your beneficiaries will not have problems down the line. Toward this end, there are important attributes you need to look for in a competent attorney. Here is just a look at some:

First, ensure that whoever you are going to hire has to experience in that field. Ensure that your lawyer has a license, check on his certificates and his working experience as well. You can also visit Alexandria trust attorney via

He should display his professional skills in the way he counsels you, and in the options, he is giving you. The attorney must also be ethical. He should give you advice that is legally accepted. Any attorney who is giving you advice that is not legal and ethical will cause problems to your beneficiaries in future.

Also, look for someone who you can trust as a 'friend'. He should be a person whom you can tell him everything and how you want your final affairs arranged. He should be a good listener and open-minded as well. He should be in a position to offer you a personalized service — displaying a sense of seriousness and commitment to your matter.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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