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You decided to shift to organic milk, but got confused about the different labels organic milk products carried on them. Below is a list of the different types of organic milk labels you might find in store, to make your next grocery shopping trip easier.

1. Grass-fed

This label implies that according to USDA guidelines, the animals that provide this milk have been grass-fed, or in other words they have had continuous access to pasture.  However, it must be noted that this label does not mean that no supplements are added to the diet of these cows.

2. Organic

If you see an organic label on a meat product, you can automatically assume that the animal used to provide this milk was reared organically. Basically it means that the required health and welfare standards were met, which included access to open pastures, organic feed and no use of growth hormones. However, these organic products may contain really small quantities of non-organic ingredients as well. If you want to avoid those, it would a good idea to opt for those milk products which have a 100% organic label on them.

3. Cows not treated with rBST

As explicit as it is, you will find this label on cows which have not been treated with recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), which is injected in to the cows to improve their milk production.

So before you go shopping for organic dairy products in Brisbane supermarkets you should try to identify these labels. This will help you find the right products that meet your specifications and needs.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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