Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody

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The domastic voliance is very  terrible and lasting  affect on every body life .Specially on their child. In past time the doamstic voliance  oftenly treated as  family matter  or personal matter .These matter sloved by the family members. Within the changing of people’s thinking , socity also change .As  the changes come in the socity , correspondingly   laws also change .

 Let’s talk about  the affect of domastic  voliance on children behavior .Child behave like  imitating, out of control behavior, regressing . Child start thinking that voliance is an acceptable behavior ,so either they   abused or  the abuser.They show less intreast  in family, we can say, it show lak of attension  toward  family.


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Domatic voilance  increasing greadually in these days. But people get aware  from the laws . If you want more knowledge more fact related to this  problem, you  may  visit here

Some emotional  symptoms  also seen   by the domastic voliance. Like child often developed  anxity , fearing that they may get injured . Depression are the comman problem  for those children who faced the doamstic voliance . The boys behavior  also affect  more  badly. They behave out of  aggerassion   and hostility.

Such cases  the issue of child custody arise. The court must determine which partner will be granted a physical custody  of the children, and which want a legal custody or either  they are interested  in joint custody

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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