What To Do and How To Defend Yourself If You Are Innocent

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How to Defend False Accusations 

and What Role Toronto Criminal Lawyers Play in Such Cases?

It is possible that someone falsely accuses you in a criminal offense which you are completely unaware of. Reasons could be varied as to why a person will attempt to falsely accuse someone in a criminal case. This is the topic we will be covering in the following sections and go through reasons for such false accusation. We will also look into steps Toronto criminal lawyers take to defend accused person in such cases, what happens when accused is found not guilty of any criminal offense and what steps accused can take against the complainant.

What are the reasons for false accusations?

Many times it is seen that a person lies to law enforcement authorities by making false allegations. Some of the reasons why someone will attempt to falsely accuse another person  include:

  • To get rid of spouse or partner from a home.
  • For putting blame upon you for a crime that person has committed.
  • As a way to take revenge for something.
  • To strengthen his or her position while divorce or custody proceedings are taking place.

What accused person should be doing to fight such false accusations?

Before taking any other step what you will have to do is consult Toronto criminal lawyers and understand your position in the case. An experienced lawyer will try to collect all relevant information and documents which prove your innocence. Some such documents consist of:

  • Photographs, videos and letters.
  • Text, voice mail and email messages.
  • Different financial documents and receipts.
  • Recollection of various events and personal notes providing details of contact you had with the complainant.

What happens when accused is found to be not guilty of any criminal offense?

Toronto criminal lawyerIt will be necessary to prove innocence of accused person even when charges are withdrawn by complainant or it is found that accused person is not guilty. To fulfill this task your lawyer will have to search for evidences that prove the following:

  • Evidences have been fabricated.
  • Complainant provided false evidences or
  • Incorrect statements were provided by complainant to enforcement agencies.

Additionally, for achieving this task your lawyer will have to go through various documents like:

  • Records maintained by accused person.
  • Evidences available at the time of trial (like court certified transcripts).
  • Various statements provided to police.

What next after innocence has been proved?

Once Toronto criminal lawyers prove that accused person is not guilty of committing any crime, the accused gets the opportunity to start a criminal case against complainant. Depending upon situation, it is possible to levy different charges on accuser such as:

  • Charges for providing false statements.
  • Charges for fabrication of evidences.
  • Public mischief and perjury.
  • Charges for giving different contradictory evidences.
  • Charges for intentionally obstructing justice.

A Final Note

Finally, we can end here by saying that you should always fight false charges since it is likely that an experienced lawyer will be able to figure out problems in the case and develop a plan of action to get your acquittal.

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