Treating Your Soft Tissue From An Auto Accident

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Your back can become stiff and aching from being tossed around in the vehicle. Having a massage or soft tissue work can assist in loosening it up? 

You could end up with injuries like whiplash. This is when the head is thrown forward and then back quickly. This can damage the muscles of the neck and surrounding tissues. Some time the accident is so severe that people  have to wear neck braces to support the injured area.

•    How Rigorous Does the Massage have to be?

On a healthy body, massage can even be done intensely without a problem. It is changed when there is trauma or injury to the body though. A more gentle massage should be used then especially around the injured areas. If you are also suffering from neck or any kind of pain you can also go through Neck pain treatment in Riviera Beach.

•    How Many Times a Week?

Utmost of the time you are itchy enough from a car accident to require the massage every 3 days or so. Each assembly of massage does help reduce the injury for few days. Massage can increase blood flow throughout the body too. This is good for healing your injuries. It is important to have good rotation to all parts of the body under normal conditions.


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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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