Environmental Compliance Saves Companies

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Environmental compliance issues can have huge financial impacts on businesses large and small. Running afoul of state and federal regulations can carry serious costs for companies in terms of fines, penalties, and litigation costs. Companies have a major financial interest in ensuring that they conform to guidelines regarding environmental health and safety. Massachusetts area businesses may find that hiring a consultant is the easiest and most cost-effective means of accomplishing this goal. You can navigate here http://www.southdowns.eu.com/ to know how Environmental Compliance Saves Companies.

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For example, AT&T recently agreed to pay the state of California more than $52 million in civil penalties and enhanced compliance as a result of improper dumping. While not every violation of the many environmental regulations businesses must operate under will carry similar penalties – most run in the thousands of dollars – these penalties can have a significant impact on the bottom line for many businesses, particularly small businesses.

Common Environmental Compliance Activities

Good environmental compliance practices can ensure that companies conform to state and federal environmental regulations, allowing them to avoid losing important permits, incurring fines and penalties, or being exposed to legal liability. Regulations that companies must comply with will vary greatly from business to business, making compliance an issue that often requires specialized knowledge. Some typical environmental compliance activities include:

Ensuring the company meets all requirements necessary to obtain permits from regulatory agencies,

Ensuring the company stays in compliance with parameters established by permits

Testing of air and ground water,

Performing scientific testing and evaluation to ensure company operations do not violate environmental guidelines,

Determining if waste disposal is in line with state and federal regulations,

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