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Of all the types of cosmetic surgery that is available, the cosmetic nose surgery is undoubtedly very popular. Not all surgeries on the nose are deemed cosmetic though, as they can affect problems with the septum. Surgery for this problem can aid in breathing easier and not just for appearances.

Cosmetic nose surgery (also known as “ตัด ปีก จมูก” in Thai language)will help in transforming the size of the nose itself along with asymmetry, nostrils that are wide upturned or big. Often the size of the nose isn’t balanced for the remaining face and rhinoplasty can alter this.



If your patient has a special nose profile it might incorporate a depression or perhaps a bump. There are many factors for this kind of matter around the nose and something that may be contributed to surgery to the nose. The hint of the nose could provide increased idea also known as bulbous, a hooked end, or perhaps a tip that droops.

Incisions might be created inside the nose or on the outside in the nostril base. The sort of procedure that’s completed may have a bearing to the value of the surgery. Charges can also vary between women and men’s nose surgery. Aside from this get more additional info about sex reassignment through .

Splints or inner pipes maybe required for the very first week after surgery to keep the nose job healing properly. Usually an alteration might be observed within six to eight weeks. Individuals may continue to find out changes over a period of the year. They could also assume some swelling during that first year according to perhaps the time or activity.

These are standard conditions, when they have any issues, but clients should check with the doctor. Before any decisions are made an intensive discussion around the post operative benefits and treatment should occur.

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