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Step Motor  rotates continuously when Dc Voltage applied. Step Motor converts the input pulses into shaft position .

Two Phase Steps Motors  :

The two phases  step motors  are used for arrangement of the electromagnetic coil as :

  • Uni polar
  • Bipolar

Unipolar Motor  –  it has a one  winding along with center tap. Every section of winding have switched for magnetic field.  In this we motor we used commutation circuit that can be made very easily.

Biopolar Motor : There is a single winding  per phase.  The driver circuit is more complicated because the current in the winding needs to be reversed . Find here details of step motors Linear Guide, for your purchase requirements.



Full Step control is accomplished by turning on the complete winding of the motor. This is the simplest and therefore lowest cost method for controlling the stepper motor. Most step motors are four stage which requires each stage to be turned on individually.

The most frequent way of achieving this is to use a transistor to switch the phases off and on. There are chips that are available off the shelf that contain internal transistors and they are able to control external mosfets also.

When full step is utilized, the motor shaft will rotate 1.8 degrees mechanically. The motor will require 200 steps to make one revolution. Outside this ,get more info about TBI Motion Products from http://www.thaisupport.co.th/TBI-Motion-Products .

The term Half Step denotes how the motor rotates only 1 half of a step sometimes, compared to taking a complete step every time that was mentioned previously. The way this motor drive topology is achieved is by exiting each winding in a pattern on a single winding, two windings on, and then repeating this over and over.

Microstepping control for step motors was developed in the 1980’s and was popularized by Compumotor. This drive technique is the most desirable, but is significantly more expensive than the half step or full step control.

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