What Is The Difference Between Military And Civilian MRE Meals

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MREs are an amazing product for taking to camping and using for your doomsday prepping. They were designed by the United States military to be a "full meal deal". They're designed to last regardless of what the meals are put through. 

It's vital to remember that there is a large difference between military MREs and civilian MREs. If you're not aware of this, you may not be happy with your products. 

Military MREs

These can often be found for a lower price than the civilian MREs on the market. Why? Because the military version can't be sold on the civilian market. However, it doesn't stop former soldiers or current soldiers from selling their extras. These can also be found at times in military surplus stores. 

The concern with these is that while still edible, you have no idea what this particular MRE has been through. It may have flown overseas and been in a combat zone. It may have been sitting on a shelf for decades. The military lets civilians know that these are good, but they won't divulge the ingredients. 

Civilian MREs

These meals are a bit pricier than their military counterparts. However, you can rest assured that these are fresh and of a higher quality in that, they haven't been lying around for decades. Also, you can often make up your own MREs with some companies, such as XMRE, as they allow you to browse your ingredients and create your own. They then prepare them and send them to you ready made. This gives you complete control over your ingredients and how fresh your MREs are.

MREs are an ideal way to get your nutrition and have a healthy meal, but it's something that you'll want to have a bit of control of and ensure that they're fresh and not lying around getting stale.

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