Materials Used To Make Cable Drum

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It is essential that drums should be made from the right materials and be of the right size to work properly. If the size and material of the cable drum is not right for the type of cable, there are more chances for both cable and drum to get damaged.

Below are a few materials that are used to make cable drums and cable drum stand by manufacturer:

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1. Wood

Mostly cable drums are made up of wood and are used on construction sites and industrial areas. There are three types of wooden cable drums that are frequently used:

  • Steel-tired 

These types of drums can be used in any environment.

  • Export drum

These are used abroad.

  • One-way cable drums

These are for one time use.

The main benefit of a wooden cable drum is they can easily be used to carry heavy load. These are usually used for the loading of industrial cables.

2. Plywood cable drums

These types of drums are used for transporting lighter cables. As compared to other cable drums these are relatively economical. Cable drums are made of plywood are mostly used by commercial electricians. These kinds of drums are made from birch and poplar woods as the wood is light in weight but cannot be broken easily.

3. Plastic cable drums

Similar to plywood wood drums these are also designed for transporting lightweight and small cables and wires. Main benefit of these drums is that these can easily be recycled hence relatively these are relatively environment friendly option.

These are some of the main material that is used to make cable drum and its stands.

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