Artist’s Role In Recreating The Society

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Graffiti is the art of expressing the ideas of the artist. The artists are emotionally involved while creating the art to express the ideas through their best creation. People have huge attraction for amusing art and graffiti art makes people stand and stare on the wall it is made on. Now we find such art-works not only on the wallof streets but also on the wall of cafés, restaurants and offices because of its larger acceptance and attraction.

There are many styles of graffiti art design. Creating the art with bold clear words with just black and white colour is one type of graffiti art, then mixing the image with the letters can be another and many more such forms can exist. The sole purpose of the art design is to speak for themselves.

Someone who loves graffiti can travel anywhere in the world to have the look on amazing art work. Streets filled with graffiti are visited by tourists around the world and specific tour companies arrange the tours for street arts. Artist emphasise on creating such art works which helps society to uplift in many dimensions and also to encourage more selflove among audience. Such positivity makes real impact on the society and hence the attraction for graffiti art is increasing. Design of graffiti art differs according to the taste of artist and such diversity in art is always demanded. Same ideas are expressed with different themes and design. Emerging such culture of acceptances for graffiti art is motivating artist many folds.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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