Convey Belt Repair With Urethanes

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Conveyor belts receive extreme wear from the impacting of large size aggregate. Mechanized clips may be used to briefly repair torn or worn regions of the belt.

Other available choices include vulcanizing or replacement unit. Both are costly and involve extended unscheduled shutdowns priced at thousands per hour. Oftentimes, belts are probably not accessible to correct equipment.


The harmed area, like the belt and mechanized videos, was roughened by using a milling machine and line wheel attachment. Floors were then chemically cleaned by using a degreasing solvent.

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Mechanized videos were then primed by using a urethane priming agent for metallic. A layer of urethane plastic primer was applied in the plastic section and permitted to cure for quarter-hour.

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Next, a urethane is blended and applied over the entire repair area exchanging the worn or absent silicone. The urethane is smoothed over with a putty blade and permitted to treat for 4 times.

Urethanes are incredibly resistant to scratching and perhaps will outwear the silicone belt material. Openings that not damage the entire integrity of the belt can even be repaired through the use of mesh materials and coating the region with urethane.

Urethanes can be purchased in a multitude of durometers and treating times. Urethanes can also protect equipment where there is slipping abrasion, vibration, enlargement, or contraction.

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