Paper Lanterns: Are They Dangerous?

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Originating from ancient Asian cultures, paper lanterns have long been a popular decorating tool for houses and events in many different Asian, European, and South American countries. The style and grace of lanterns have also interested people in the U.S, and paper lanterns are fast becoming a household name. With their well-deserved increase in popularity came a wave of uninformed buyers who feared what the lanterns might do to their homes. Anyone who talks about lanterns at a social event will always find the one person who fears that the lanterns are a fire hazard and a danger to everyone around them.

Most people who are afraid of lanterns claim that the flame can become powerful enough to light the paper around it and become a fire hazard as the flame starts to consume everything around it. This claim is ridiculous for a lot of different reasons. One of them being complete ignorance of the history these lanterns have. Paper lanterns have been used for hundreds of years. There have been no major cases of fire accidents due to paper lanterns. Also, a majority of home décor lanterns don’t even feature a real flame. So these claims are completely uninformed. Paper lanterns are a beautiful and safe decoration tool that everyone should try out. You can buy cheap paper lanterns from a factory direct party store.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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