How the Bounce Rate Affects Your Site

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What is a Bounce Rate and Why is it Important?

If you have met with any SEO companies in Toronto, they probably mentioned bounce rate when going over the statistics of your website. You may be wondering what that means, and why it is important for your SEO campaign. In this article, we will be looking over exactly what a bounce rate is, and the implication for your business.

What is a Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate measures every instance of a visitor coming to your site and leaving after one page, without interacting with anything.  In other words, it’s when a person “bounces” away from a site.  

Why is the Bounce Rate Important?

SEO companies in TorontoA high bounce rate is an indicator that your site is not engaging visitors and that you are losing out on potential business.  This could be happening for a variety of reasons, but the most likely are:

  • The site is not loading or functioning properly:  If a site does not load properly most people will leave immediately. This includes things pictures not loading, depending on JavaScript plugins, and broken links. Another large factor is load speed. Most people will not wait for more than 3 seconds for a site to load. Be sure to check these technical issues first, as they will be relatively easy to fix.
  • The site is Hard to Navigate or Poorly Designed:  A site that is cluttered will discourage users from continuing on.  Too many, or distracting, animations, a bad mix of fonts, a tacky color palette will all discourage people from both continuing through your site or trusting your site enough to do business with you.  These changes can also be made with relative ease, but if design and implementation are not something you are comfortable with, then you should look into different SEO companies in Toronto for help.
  • The site did not have what the visitor was looking for:  This is a problem that may be helped.  Make sure that your content, meta titles, meta descriptions, and schema, are all directly related to your site and business, and not misleading. Some people try to increase overall traffic to their site but stuffing it full of any popular content, but this method will actually end up making your site rank lower on search engines.  However, sometimes your site is really just not what people are looking for, and in that case, there is not much that can be done.

When is a High Bounce Rate Acceptable?

There are certain types of pages that will have an acceptable bounce rate. Blog posts, contact forms, and pages that send visitors to another site will all have high bounce rates. This does not usually mean people are not engaging, instead of that, they got the information they were looking for and left.  The data needs to be interpreted and looked at in relation to the other statistics. For instance, if the time spent on page is more than a minute,  it is more likely that the person was reading your page and found what they were looking for.


The bounce rate for your site is a good tool for gauging visitor engagement, but it should be used with other statistics in order to properly analyze what that means for your site.

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