An Introduction to Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing gives your company a way to meet your customers not just commercially but socially.  It is as if someone who visits your store were also someone you met at your child's soccer game.  You still represent your company, but the relationship has broadened into another sphere. In this way, your social media site can promote a more personal engagement with customers, and one that is interactive.

Some of the sites to consider if you are planning to enter social media are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.  If your products are ones that benefit from visual demonstration, make a video for YouTube showing customers how to accomplish a task using them.  Include a little humor or other personal appeal.  The more entertaining as well as informational the video is, the more people are likely to spread the word to their friends.  In this way your company's image and popularity can be expanded exponentially.  Some companies have produced a video that goes "viral," being visited and liked by as many as a million people.  

Social media offers a new way to increase the branding of your products.  On your Facebook or other site, produce content that gives human interest to your company and its products and identifies them with values people share.  Promote a good cause and reward people for contributing to it.  Associate your brand with popular people or ideas.  One company did this successfully by asserting the superiority of their brand, associating it with the British upper class.  They made people fill out an application to join their site, rather than wheedling to be "liked."  This caught on because it tickled people's fancy.  It was different. It became a very successful promotion.

As with any other ad campaign, you want to track the effectiveness of your use of social media. Facebook and other platforms offer you help in tracking your statistics:  how many visits, how many "likes,"  how many "unlikes," and so on.

As elsewhere on the Web, unique content is the key to getting noticed.  Do some creative thinking about how you can produce this.  Tie your efforts in with the quality or uses of your products.

A downside of getting involved with social media is that it can be time-consuming.  It can take up more of your energy than the results are worth.  Don't just go about your efforts randomly.  Carefully plan a campaign and unroll the content gradually to keep people engaged and wondering what will come next.

Use Twitter for short, powerful messages to customers:  "a great deal! but act within two days…"  Twitter works well for calls to action.  It is also like a very brief press release, giving news succinctly. 

Stay aware of the latest successful promotions on social media by looking at other companies' sites.  Listen to what is going on in the Twitter universe.  These techniques are changing and evolving.  When something new emerges that suits your products, adopt the approach yourself before it fades.

Social media marketing is an exciting new opportunity.  It has exploded in popularity in just a few years.  Use your creativity to post the kind of content that causes visitors to send it on to all their friends.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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