Essentials Of A Good School Building

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Safety equipment installed and safety measures

First and foremost consideration is to be given to the safety equipment in schools. Fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipment and other disaster prevention material should be present in every room and hallways. Builder in Castle Hill must make sure that the blueprint is strategically designed keeping in mind earthquake resistant designs and easy evacuation facilities.Power station should be placed at a location inaccessible to children.

Natural light and ventilation

Children spend half their day at schools. Comfort and well being should be considered in building plan. Given the large number of students ventilation should be kept in mind while constructing school building. Open lobbies and windows should be proper in each classroom. Per student space should be enough to avoid suffocating atmosphere. Builder in Lindfield should discuss the plan with management.

Good landscaping and lots of green spaces

The need for a good landscape is needless to be explained. And when it comes to schools an eco friendly green environment is essential for school kids for a healthy environment. Builders must collaborate with professional landscapers to design the garden and pool. Open gardens adequately grassed is must for school children leisure time. Flora should make up for good proportion.

Less hallways and more open spaces

Hallways are important but recent observation proved that school kids find too much of hallways as unpleasant. Open spaces in a school building must be given due importance. Indoor stadiums may be a good attraction. A quadrilateral building with indoor basketball court would be loved by school kids.

Color schemes

The choice of color schemes is something to be given importance. For higher secondary classes it is least important to paint vibrantly. Keep subtle colours, essentially white. Keep lighting in mind. For young ones and kindergarten, interactive atmosphere is important. Vibrant color schemes and patterns would work. A good building exterior is not be ignored. Exterior colours must be chosen wisely.

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