Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

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The dry foam process is mostly instead of dry as its name infers, even though the material of moisture is so low it may really be known as dry foam (90% atmosphere – 10% liquid). The foam system has a tank, which you may pour a solution of pulp and water into.

A compressor will function to convert the solution into foam which is dispensed all around the carpeting having a brush. So that each fiber of the carpet is cleaned, the brush will operate to comb the foam.

To be successful, you should be certain the bubbles are of size before it’s dispersed, therefore the cleaning procedure can be completed by that the foam. The carpeting is thoroughly vacuumed to remove, when it’s dried.

Below, are the measures to the foam process:

1. To start with, vacuum the carpet and remove the stains which possible. For more details about how much does stanley steemer cost, check out Monica Tinse.

2. Mix in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Shampoo the carpet after it’s dried, then vacuum the carpeting.

4. Based on the type of rug that you have, groom the heap to accelerate the procedure.

5. utilizing a furniture leg pad finish the job or block to get rid of rust or furniture stains.


The procedure for dry foam cleaning is capable of covering a great deal of area. There is involved with saturating the carpet because the moisture content is reduced. This will allow you to minimize.


The foam technique is effective at removing heights of dirt. There’s however a chance of dirt and residue build up when the system you’re currently using has extraction capabilities.

Dry foam is the system of choice if you would like to get your carpet as clean as you can in case you’ve got carpet that is old. In case you don’t think you will use it enough to purchase it, you are able to rent a machine. They do not charge that much to lease, which is great.

Since you’re going to be fine in case you’ve got no experience, Dry foam carpet cleaning is difficult to do. The information will help you and you should not have any difficulties if you observe it. Dry foam may earn a carpeting look provided that you adhere to the manufacturers instructions on blending the foam alternative. You end up falling in love, as soon as you’ve finished cleaning your carpet with foam.

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