Canvas Painting – Fun & Artistic

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Ever wondered what is canvas painting? Maybe you have heard of it, maybe not. Some of you out there may even want to try but do not know anything about canvas painting. Read on and by the time you finish reading this, you may sound like an expert.

Canvas painting  is basically painting on a canvas. You may have heard of painting, oil painting, pastel painting acrylic painting but not canvas painting. If you have not realized by now… you CAN paint on canvas. The canvas I am talking about is not your canvas bag but a more professional kind of canvas that can be bought and be framed up when you are done with your masterpiece.

Canvas Painting - Fun & Artistic

We'll begin with the canvas. The canvas can be purchased at an art store. There are various sorts and sizes of canvas which may be found. There are several sorts pre-stretched too. Some of them are:

1) Decorative and Mini

2) Conventional Profile Cotton

3) Deep Profile Cotton

4) Conventional Profile Linen

5) Deep Profile Linen

Basically, different kinds of canvas have different weight and texture. Decorative and mini canvases are normally used for craft purposes. Deep Profile Cotton canvas is normally the canvas with the maximum quality.

What you will need to know when you purchase the canvas is what sort of paint and which sort of painting you're doing. If you're seeking a more textured painting, then you need to opt for the medium textured canvas. If you're doing some sort of classic art, you need to use lightly textured canvas like a silk canvas.

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