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Another female sterilization process available from the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas region that functions to obstruct the passage of semen during the fallopian tubes is a technique called Essure. This really is a non-operative method that doesn’t require an incision.

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In this brief, in-office process conducted at Women’s Specialists of Plano, a little, soft fit is slipped through the pathways of the cervix and vagina and into the fallopian tubes. You can browse for the essure lawsuit.

This elastic, silicone-free apparatus is left in place and over a time period (generally about 3 weeks), the human body functions using the Essure inserts to make a natural barrier inside each fallopian tube. These obstacles prevent sperm from reaching the eggs that pregnancy can’t happen.

It’s necessary to comprehend that through this wait-period, a girl should use a backup procedure of birth control.

At the end of 3 weeks, a particular dye will be inserted into the fallopian tube to ensure that the barrier was formed and the liquid can’t pass through. This will confirm the fallopian tubes are completely blocked and the springs are set up.

Women throughout the USA undergo female sterilization processes every day to prevent pregnancy. Sterilization is secure and lasts for life.

They don’t alter or influence a female’s hormones and many girls will continue to have regular periods, undergo a standard menopause, and appreciate sexual relations with no worry of getting pregnant.

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