The Danger Of Frequent And Predictable Discounts

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Every consumer likes to shop with discounts because it feels good to save money. Discounts such as 30% off & free shipping with kohl’s card + kohl’s cash, are a great way to attract customers in your store. They can be used to start selling a product that is new in a particular season. However, discounts can be bad for your business when they are used frequently. When you frequently use discounts, they become effortlessly predictable. When your clients get used to discounts they can do several things that can negatively impact your business.

Customers usually assume that discounts must keep coming every season. When they notice even the slightest pattern, they start to expect a discount on every trip they make to your store. They forget that not every season discount can be offered. When they see that a discount is not being offered, others run and make purchases in other stores. These are customers who are not loyal and are money oriented. This can be sometimes bad for business.

Clients wait for the discounts in order to make their purchases. When you use discounts frequently to an extend they become predictable, the customers will make their purchases when discounts are available. It is not healthy for a business when the sales are normal and rise when a discount is available. This makes a business not to get balanced. Discounts are a major part of a business. Make sure not to offer them too frequently as it can ruin your business.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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