Simple Ways To Ditch Belly Fat

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I am fifty seven. Seven years ago, things suddenly changed for me. I added an inch to my waistline and a kilo to my weight every year. I tried hard and despaired. Deprivation diets, drinking gallons of water, trying all kinds of herbal teas (such as the Red Tea Detox diet)  and failed attempts at regular exercise and walking – nothing seemed to work. I put on more and still more around my belly. A friend told me that I was trying too hard, that I could achieve results with a lot less effort. I didn’t believe her but followed her advice. It worked and I wish to share it with my menopausal friends who strive hard to lose belly fat.

The first thing to do is to make dietary changes. That’s what the tummy immediately reacts to. Avoiding foods that cause water retention and hence bloating, helps a great deal. Carbonated drinks, sugar alcohols, gassy vegetables, salty snacks etc cause bloating and distension of the stomach. 

Eating small meals every three hours instead of the usual three large meals will leave you feeling light through the day. Your will feel a tug at your tummy just by this little adjustment and you will begin to lose belly fat.

Another eating adjustment is completely switching to whole grains. It makes changes that cause reduction in fat storage. Add to it abundant proteins and the combination works to help you lose belly fat at twice the normal rate. 

And watermelon and other foods that are sources of arginine take weight management through diet to a peak. The amino acid arginine strikes in more ways than one. It helps fat and glucose oxidize faster and leads to an increase in lean muscle that’s a better calorie burner than fat. So you lose belly fat faster.

Regular weight training, walking, jogging or cycling are things that require great will power. Past fifty, we lose the will to leave home and to head for the gym or the jogging track. So, doing 25 to 50 easy crunches before leaving your bed, tapping your feet reading the newspaper, dancing as you cook or clean – in general, finding excuses to move as much as you can going around the house doing this and that helps you burn around 500 extra calories every day. Really short bursts of easy exercises through the day are easy to manage.

And now for the best part. You can sleep your way to a trimmer tummy. Eat right, exercise your limbs any way you can and, come night, say yes to the warm invitation of your soft bed. Never say no to a timely, restful sleep. 

The TV may tempt you, a friend may give you a call, your brother-in-law may invite you to a game of cards, but you must remember that giving up on sleep makes the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, rise and that in turn leads to fatter and looser tummy. 

So, get into your clean, cool sheets, bury your tired head into your soft, soft pillow and lose belly fat as you float happily on the wonder clouds of luxurious sleep.  

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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