Are You Aware Of The Effects Of Bottled Water And Tap Water On Your Health?

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As we, all know that how bottled water brands have taken over the market. They say that they are providing the best quality filtered water with all the minerals in it, some companies even comparing their bottled water is to be as pure as the water found on the top of mountains. However, the question here is, are they really providing clean, pure and healthy water or there is an other face of coin also.

A research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) comes to the point that some of the world’s most popular bottled brands have 90% of small plastic pieces in its water. In addition, a study done before found a high amount of micro plastics in the tap water. For every Liter of water, being sold all across the country there is an estimate of 325 Plastic particles in it. These plastic contains BPA component, which can be said as the disruptor of hormone. Plastics contain many other kind of highly dangerous components including BPA which can cause hormonal problems, fertility problems and BPA and other plastic components can be the reason behind the breast cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer.

On the other hand, scientist of EPA analyzed samples of tap water from more than 12 nations and they found more than 94% plastic fibers in it. Micro plastics contain all kind of pollutants and chemicals in it, which is directly coming to our house through tap water, we can protect by putting one water filter in our kitchens but these micro plastics can affect your skin and hair and can be the become the cause of many incurable diseases including cancer. Therefore, it is very important to completely understand the danger of the harmful components in water coming through your taps straight way to your home.

For bottled water we can take precautions by using or stop buying them, there are numbers of awareness campaign going for this. For tap water, it is not enough to get single water purifier so the only solution for this is to buy Whole House water Filters System, which is going to treat every kind of impurities of water and going to protect you from the harmful plastic components present in it. Today, the time is not easy as every third person in our society is suffering from a disease and that makes it crucial to take steps, which will take you closer to a healthy life.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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