Carpet Cleaning Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Rugs

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Properly cleaning your carpets can make the difference between a lifeless rug and a beautiful masterpiece that sets off the look of your home. Those who neglect the proper cleaning practices can bank on having to replace their carpets more often than those individuals who do. Let's take a look at what some of these recommended practices are so that you can do everything possible to extend the life of the rugs in your home. 

  • You should be vacuuming on a regular basis. At least once a week is a must. If you find rooms that are more utilized than others getting dirtier quicker, then opt for sweeping them more than once a week. This will help to suck up any loose debris from the surface of the rugs. Lack of vacuuming on a regular basis can allow the dirt and debris to get deep into the carpet fibers and create a worn-down look.
  • Professional carpet cleaning is a must for extending the lives of your carpets. The main reason that individuals shy away from professional cleaning is the cost. Many do-it-yourselfers think that they can actually do their cleaning for cheaper with a store rental machine. In reality, the rental machine doesn't do the job like a professional and they tend to be more expensive overall when you factor in the costs of cleaning solutions, transportation, and other related expenses. 
  • Taking simple precautions to limit the amount of dirt that comes into contact with your rugs is a must. You should opt for strategically placing welcome mats so that they can grab up that excess dirt before it hits your rugs. Have a no shoes policy can do wonders for keeping your carpets cleaned as recommended by the professionals at Also, a no food policy in carpeted rooms can drastically limit that amount of spills and crumbs that your carpets see. 

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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