Discount Coupons:Conditions and Restrictions

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There are discounts and bargains which use codes that fall in the form of putting conditions in the promo. An example of those coupons are those containing a certain code like QRT which will get a 25% off on the total purchase, while those with HLF will get 50% discount. These codes can also be in the form of numbers and letters like a password. When buyers use this coupon, the code will be registered together with his purchase and only then will he learn how much discount will be given to him. This type of benefit is ideal to give customers the chance of getting bigger prices while at the same time encouraging other buyers to continue patronizing their store and products.

Another promotion as in this case of 10% off $75 with visa card falls on a different category. This type of promotion requires restriction or limitation for the coupon to be valid. For this example, it can only be given if the payment of the purchase uses a visa card. If not, then the discount cannot be executed. The limiting factor here is the visa card usage for the payment. This type of discount coupon 10% off $75 with visa card promotes both the visa card and the retail store through its usage.

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