How to stay connected in your Caravan

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Caravanning and spending time with family and friends while on the road is always a unique experience.

But even though the whole point is to be out on the road  experiencing new things, once you've settled at the caravan/campsite site and checked out all the things you want to do over the next day to two days, then it's back to board games and dad telling stories you've heard more than enough times.

So access to a little TV would not go amiss.  Once you are at the campground you can find the primary router is not near where you are situated, reception is weak, but you have an option if you have a Wi-Fi Booster Antenna. For all your antenna needs for any RV in Australia click here

Internet Wi-Fi Antennas

On the market, there are two options, mounted or desk orientated.

The mounted option is suitable for the outside of the RV, while the other is a device that comfortably sits on a desk or a table within the unit, usually comes with small suction cups for versatility and plug into your laptop. Either one is more than sufficient to obtain a good enough signal to work from or stream movies, live TV and so on. Especially if you need to work from your RV, an RV internet antenna will be invaluable.

Do I need an RV or FM Antenna?

With the latest tech at our fingertips, a good old fashioned radio may seem a little strange to be bringing up in 2018.  However, when you are on the road, there's a good chance you'll end up out of your local area, and it's never a bad thing to pick up local information whether it be weather reports or general stuff. An RV FM Antenna will boost the radio signal in the RV.  Although you'll need to get the wiring inside the RV, it's an easy job if you know how to put a picture on the wall for example.

Even though we like to roam far from home, being connected to the outside world is still essential when travelling.

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Written by Katherine K. Vaca

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