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Video: Kemal Monteno – Sarajevo ljubavi moja

Written By: cd - Aug• 07•06

Kemal Monteno (born 1948 in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina) is popular Bosniansinger-songwriter. He was born to a Bosnian mother and Italian father. He recorded his first song "Lidija" in 1967 and has enjoyed a prosperous career in the former Yugoslavia.

One of his most popular songs is Sarajevo Love of Mine (Sarajevo ljubavi moja).

source from wikipedia

This song is featured in the movie "Grbavica"

Sarajevo ljubavi moja
Zajedno smo rasli grade ja i ti,
isto plavo nebo poklonilo nam stih,
ispod Trebevica sanjali smo sne,
ko ce brze rasti ko ce ljepsi biti.
Ti si bio velik a rodio se ja
s Igmana uz osmijeh slao si mi san
djecak koji raste zavolio te tad
ostao je ovde vezan za svoj grad.
Bilo gdje da krenem o tebi sanjam
putevi me svi tebi vode,
cekam s nekom ceznjom na svijetla tvoja
Sarajevo ljubavi moja,
Pjesme svoje imas i ja ih pjevam
zelim da ti kazem sta sanjam
radosti su moje i sreca tvoja
Sarajevo ljubavi moja.
Kada prodju zime i dodje lijepi maj
djevojke su ljepse ljubavi im daj
setaliste tamno uzdasima zri
neke oci plave neke rijeci njezne.
Sad je djecak covjek i zima pokri brijeg
park i kosa bijeli al otici ce snijeg
proljece i mladost ispunice tad
Sarajevo moje jedini moj grad.
Sarajevo, love of mine
We grew up together city, you and me
the same blue sky gave us rhymes
under Trebevic we dreamt dreams
who will grow faster who will be nicer
You were great, and I was born
From Igman with a smile you sent me my dreams
A boy growing up fell in love with you then
He stayed here, connected to his city
Wherever I turn, I dream of you
All roads lead me to you
I wait with some longing for your lights
Sarajevo love of mine
You have your songs, and I sing them
I want to tell you what I dream
The pleasures are mine and happiness yours
Sarajevo love of mine
When the cold passes and fine May comes
The girls are nicer, give them love
Walk the walkways with sighs in the dark
Some blue eyes, some tender words
Now the boy is a man and the winter covers the mounatin
The park and hair is grey, but the snow will go away
Spring and youth will then fill
my Sarajevo, my only city

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  1. admira says:

    hey teacher :) i really like your blogg, it’s very interesting!!!! well, you are one of the best teachers…..

  2. stefan says:

    hi, can you transtale any more songs please…?

  3. cd says:

    uh, which song do you want me to translate? I don’t translate these song though. I found the english translation on the internet, one or two other songs I asked my friend to do that for me.

    yeah, perhaps i will ask for more translation.

  4. jari says:

    thanks for the translation! i was looking for it. i looooove sarajevo i’ve left a piece of my heart there and i’m obsessed by the city. i watched the film grbavica and i listened to that song for the first time. thanks again, thanks for preserving the history and the culture of a city that didn’t deserved what it passed. nor did the people. like no one deserves it…and sarajevo less. sarajevo ljubavi moja :)

  5. […] Why the longer name? I think it’s because no matter how meaningful the surburb Grbavica is to Bosnians and a handful of people who know about the modern Bosnia’s history, this name doesn’t mean anything to foreigners. Also, “Land Of My Dreams,” I guess, has something to do with the movie’s soundtrack song Sarajevo ljubavi moja’s lyrics: “… zelim da ti kazem sta sanjam radosti su moje i sreca tvoja. Sarajevo ljubavi moja.” It means “…I want to tell you what I dream. The pleasures are mine and happiness yours. Sarajevo love of mine.” […]

  6. sasa says:

    I love SARAJEVO !

  7. Serafina says:

    I Do Love the Soundtrack of ‘Grbavica’
    can you edit more with translation for us?!

  8. cd says:


    Thanks for visiting the site. I only know this song from the soundtrack. If I know a few more others, you’ll be the first to know.

  9. Lizz says:

    gdje mogu naci soundtrack od Grbavice???Ili ima neko ime od zadnje pjesme, zvuci kao neka sevdalinka ili kako se to vec zove???
    Where can I get the soundtrack of the movie Grbavica???

  10. Orkan says:

    Hey,I love your blog..its perfect.
    I want to know more about the Soundtrack of grbavica…
    I know one other piece in the movie
    It comes up in the scene where Sara and Kenan are on the floor (the hip hop music)its called Jesmo il sami by Edo maajka
    Could someone tell me whats the music in the shopping mall please

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